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Here’s 10 self-improving activities to better your life and your mindset.

  1. Go on LinkedIn and search for mentors that inspire you and reach out to them to create a network for yourself that is beneficial to you and your needs.

  2. Buy a book on a topic that you’ve been wanting to learn more about.

  3. Listen to an inspirational or educational podcast on the podcast app (try the millionaire minds podcast)

  4. Download the RobinHood app and buy one share in a company you’ve spent with today. Do this once a month.

  5. If you don’t have a credit card, sign up for one and use it responsibly to build your credit. If you do have one, make a plan to pay off your debt. Track your credit through Credit Karma.

  6. Spend 30 days quitting a bad habit and learn a new one. Track your progress through the notes app.

  7. Set a fitness goal and download MyFitnessPlan to track your progress as you work towards it.

  8. Declutter your space and sell the items you no longer need on Poshmark or MarketPlace.

  9. Set up a recurring deposit of $20 from your checking to your savings every 2 weeks.

  10. Fix your resume for every job that you apply to by reading the requirements on the job description and highlighting any relevant experiences you may have so that they know you’re the perfect fit.

- The Bougie Lifestyle Planner

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