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Delayed, not Denied

Often times we mistake being delayed for us being denied. If you haven't read my blog post, The Race, you should probably check that one out before reading this one.

I'm quite guilty of this myself. The worst trait about me is that I sometimes give up so easily. I can admit that I'm not a fighter. When things go wrong, I tend to think that it is the end of the world. I never think about the other options or roads that I can take. I've never had a Plan B in life, I always felt as if my plan A has to work!!

Sometimes God delays your process to protect you. Often times we think we are ready for what we have been praying for and we're really not. Sometimes you have to be okay with God blessing you in private and on his own time until he knows you're ready to share it with the world. Although nothing is wrong with wanting to share every accomplishment, because I know I do, you sometimes have to be okay with only you and God knowing how gifted, talented, and special you are. Some people won't know you until they KNOW you. When you think everything is going wrong and you wanted things done by a certain time, just remember these words: DELAYED NOT DENIED! You are not denied of your gifts and your talents, the timing just may not be right at the moment. Keep faith and keep the hard work and your day will certainly come.

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