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Inside E’lluring Boutique

Checkout this interview that our founder, Erica Sanders, did with a college business major for a project.

Behind the scenes of E’lluring Boutique

Q. How did you get where you are today?

A. Honestly, I don’t feel like I am anywhere today. I have still have a lot more that I have to accomplish. I don’t feel like I’ve done anything major yet. I know what I want to do and now it’s just about planning and execution.

Q. How do you balance your business, school, and home life?

A. It’s really easy to me because I’m really lazy, lol. I procrastinate a lot and do everything at the last minute. I don’t do much at all so it’s easy for me to keep track of everything. I want to change that this year though.

Q. How and where do you find inspiration?

A. I find most of my inspiration from YouTube and reading. I’m a real nerd/ book worm. In my free time I’m usually reading, watching interviews, and researching. I find most of my inspiration from watching interviews of rappers, business owners, professional athletes, and more.

Q. Do you have any books you would recommend?

A. YES! I’m a real book worm but I don’t think anyone would really be interested into the type of books I read. Lol my book style might be boring to others.

Q. What are you excited about right now?

A. I’m really excited about all the business ideas that I have planned for 2022. I’ve also grown so I’ve hired a graphic designer, a marketing coach, and I have a new amazing business partner. I’m excited about not having to do everything on my own as far as marketing, social media, and other aspects of business. I hate dealing with the website and technical stuff so I’m glad to have my business partner to do that while I just look pretty and take pictures.

Q. What’s going on outside of your business/work life?

A. Right now, I’m just focused on graduation (May 2022) and picking the right law school that will fit with me and my son’s schedule.

Q. How much time did it take for your business to start seeing profit?

A. My first year in business, I made $0! I didn’t start seeing real money until after my one year mark.

Q. How did you secure funding for your business?

A. I used my money that I made from my work checks. I worked at a bank when I was first starting my business. I do plan to learn more about business credit and business investors soon.

Q. If you were to ever get a store front, what cities would you want your stores to be at?

A. I don’t see myself getting a store. I prefer to keep my business online. I do dream to have a showroom one day but it would be exclusive. You would have to set an appointment to come in and shop. But to answer the question, the only place I would want a store is Monroe, LA. I want E’lluring Boutique to be a prize possession of Louisiana only.

Q. How do you stay motivated and keep going through hard times?

A. I DON’T! I’m a big crybaby. One little thing and I’m ready to cry and give up. I just keep pushing through my tears.

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