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Making The Best of College

hey, everyone, hey! I’ve been neglecting my blog soooo much because I’ve just been so busy! No matter how busy I get though, I have to remind myself to never give up on my passion, which is writing! This blog post is more so for my college girls! Finals are finally over & Fall ‘21 is finally over! It’s been such a tough past few semesters due to the pandemic. I graduate May 13,2022 and I’ve just been thinking about how I didn’t make the best of my college years. I can count on one had how many college events I attended. I can count on one hand how many college friends I made. I only stayed on campus for two weeks before I moved back home. This message is to anyone pursuing college, appreciate your undergrad years. College and your early 20’s are supposed to be the BEST times of your life! Live in the moment! Don’t focus on things that don’t matter now & wont matter in the future! Stay safe and handle your school work but still enjoy yourself. College is about pursuing a career but it’s also about making memories as well. We’ll never be this young again! Don’t make the mistakes I did! ❤️❤️❤️

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